We will provide a safe, comfortable and warm environment where residents and their families can reside and relax in the knowledge that their concerns, views and opinions will be heard, acknowledged and acted upon with love, compassion, understanding and dignity; where the individuals needs will be embraced and respected whether they be emotional, spiritual, physical or medical and where care will be given with integrity, knowledge and experience.



S taffing is one of the most important functions for Cheviot Rest Home and is highly valued. Our focus is on quality therapeutic relationships between staff and residents where everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

Our staff are highly skilled through monthly training and education to build on their skills and knowledge, thus preparing them better to provide the best care possible and making the residents respected and safe.

Efficient and knowledgeable staff help our rest home attain and retain a reputation for outstanding care and service, and a friendly atmosphere in which our residents live and thrive in.

The staff’s abilities, talent, aptitude and responsibilities are encouraged and managed by our RN/Manager. Motivation, passion for the job and healthy working relationships are encouraged to create job satisfaction which allows staff to readily adapt to the changing needs and requirements of the day to day cares of our Residents.

It takes a very special person to be a highly skilled Care Giver and Cheviot Rest Home prides itself on having those kind of people.

5 Time Winner - Best South Island Small Aged Care Facility